Building Process

We have PLENTY of design plans for you to look!

Work with Eastern Iowa's Best!

You are about to build your dream home and we want to make this as fun and as smooth a process as possible!! In our initial consultation we can discuss and answer any questions you might have but here is a quick look on how the process goes:
  1. Discuss/Find available lot options- Larson Builders, Inc will buy the lot on a construction loan from the bank and you will buy it back from us when construction is complete
  2. Talk to your bank- see what you are qualified for so we have a budget in mind when looking at plans
  3. Look at plans/drawings. We have PLENTY of design plans for you to look at but if you have a particular one in mind just let us know and our architect can draw one up!
  4. Obtain financing at the bank- Larson Builders will obtain a construction note at a local bank- we can do this a few ways but typically we will carry the note, pay all the sub-contractors and all you have to do is customize your house!
  5. Meet with sub-contractors to pick out your wants/needs- Cabinets, counter tops, floor coverings, trim material, siding, stone… etc YOU PICK IT ALL OUT!! It’s completely customizable to your budget.
  6. Depending on the size of the home the process can take anywhere from 5-10 months. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so nothing is ever rushed before you CLOSE ON YOUR DREAM HOME!
  7. We then give our customers a 1-year warranty and will make sure to come and fix/touch up anything you find is wrong after you move in
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